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Just because you're not selling a million dollar home, doesn't mean your property can't look a million bucks.

First Impressions Count…

Over 90% of todays buyers are viewing properties online.

When it comes to listing any property, posting high-quality photos is probably the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal.

According to the research, buyers consider online listing photos to be more valuable than the home’s written description.  Most people only read the description AFTER the photo's have caught their attention.

Whether you are selling a bungalow or a mansion, capturing buyers attention with a visually appealing first impression is proven to add up to more viewings. And the more viewings you get, the more chance of a sale.

If listing pictures are out of focus, off-center or blurry, it can create a false impression of the home.  Dark dingy photos of a bathroom can make it appear dirty, old and undesirable. Sometimes out of focus photos of the exterior of a home can make it look creepy and decrepit.  Poor quality images can often be more damaging than posting no pictures at all.

Same goes for rental property. With quality photo’s you attract the right tenants, right from the start.

"After looking at these photos I wish I could buy this house they look AMAZING!" - Jessica Stevens, L.J. Hooker, Lakes Entrance

Why use professional photos?

Quality photo’s impress buyers and trigger emotion, and emotion is what sells. If people can imagine themselves living in your well photographed property, half your job is done.

Studies have shown that more people click on property listings with professional images vs point and shoot (or worse still, iPhone pics). Photography is all about lighting and angles. A good photographer can bring out the best features of a home by capturing the right angles to make a property as desirable as possible.

Property Pics can help showcase your property in it’s very best light…. highlighting it’s unique selling features, and downplaying any perceived negatives.We can also provide sky replacements when necessary on external shots, so that less than ideal weather won’t hold up getting your properly listed online. And we all know what the dry Aussie summer does to our front lawns. No longer a problem, as we can “green up”, all grassed areas to replicate how they would naturally look in wetter months.

We also provide a "Preparing Your Home for Photography" brochure to help vendors get the most out of the experience and maximise results.

See the difference professional pics make.

What will it cost:

*    Vacant Block of Land  - $ 100 -  (approx 6 images including views)

*    Basic Property Shoot - $200 - (6-12 images approx)

*    Standard Property Shoot - $250 (12-24 images)

*    Drone Shoot - $250 -  (6 images approx)

The exact amount of images delivered will vary from property to property due to size, view/no view etc ), however more than sufficient will be supplied to give agents the greatest possible choice, and to showcase all of the properties unique selling features. 

"These look absolutely terrific! We are very, very pleased…brilliant photography and the house is shown at it's best." - Peter Myers, Orbost

We can even take care of all your holiday rental and accomodation photography needs.  From B&B's to cabins, from motels to caravan parks.  Update your website, or just improve your social media presence.  

Tourists are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation.  

How do you plan to make yours stand out from the crowd?

$200 flat rate includes a minimum 20 high quality images, covering both internal and external features of your rental accommodation. More images will be included as required to ensure all aspects of the property are captured, giving you the best possible choice of what you wish to feature in your web or print advertising. “Lifestyle” shots of surrounding areas of interest can also be added if desired… including beaches, local wildlife, activities, children’s play areas, or restaurant if part of your accommodation. Whatever it takes to showcase your unique property is provided all for one flat rate of $200.

"If you are looking for professional quality property photos - look no further. Our business - Lakes Entrance Waverley House Cottages, was photographed by Tracie this week and we have a comprehensive portfolio of fresh images exactly as requested and delivered already. Thank you - it is always good to use local businesses but even better when they deliver!! "- Jan Davis

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